Interview Tips For Job Seekers


interview tips for job seekers
Employment interviews are often the most dangerous step in the recruitment process by job seekers. Well it doesn’t have to be. Below are some tips to help you prepare for an employment interview.

1.Be yourself within reason. Remember this is an interview and you are there to talk about your experience and what you can offer to the employer. Try not to share too much personal information, stay professional and focused at all times. Smile and engage in short conversations the interviewer is most likely to begin with.

2.Most interviewers will begin by introducing yourself to coworkers, and then you may be asked to tell them about yourself. These questions are designed to get things started, so start by telling them a little about yourself and then move on to your education and experience and finally say whether the role of X fits perfectly with your experience. You can ask them if they would like you to cover your experience in detail from the start, or more generally discuss what you are going through.

3.The interviewer will then normally ask some important questions, they can be open or closed ended questions. They may also ask you to give an example of a time when you did X. For example, an example of a time when you lead or participate in something. Think of an example, explaining the situation, your role, and finally, the results or achievements. You can also mention any lessons learned.

5.Speak clearly, moderate pace, logical and precise in the interview. Don’t make long comments and stories, try to answer the question and if in doubt, you can ask if they want you to provide more information or another example.

5.How you meet is very important depending on the role. You have to play the role you want, so if you are expected to be a leader, demonstrate your leadership qualities. If you are expected to be a follower, show them you can follow them, etc. Don’t come across as arrogant, impatient, intolerant, or condescending. Also, don’t present yourself as perfect, we all have areas to grow so be honest and make sure what you do to address that area could use growth.

6.Don’t bring salary, let them bring it, once they provide details of their current or past salary. If they ask you about your expected salary, you can mention that at that time.


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